The Voice & Spirituality Experience




                               FEAR to FREEDOM


                           CONFUSION to CLARITY


                                  EGO to SOUL


This inspiring workshop brings people from diverse backgrounds together to learn to sing with more of who they

really are -- more of their SOUL.


Participants say the workshop helps them develop trust in themselves and in life.  They experience both increased personal power and the ability to cooperate with others.  They gain clarity about their life purpose.  And perhaps most importantly, they feel happier and healthier!


Mimi combines vocal and physical exercises from her years as a performers' coach, with protocols from Psychology and non-sectarian spiritual practices (such as Mindfulness), in a safe and loving atmosphere where every participant

is addressed as a unique individual with one-of-a-kind gifts and challenges. 


No "One Size Fits All" methodology is ever imposed. Instead,  Mimi uses her formidable intuitive gift to  pin-point the way a person is blocking her full expression -- and to help her release those blocks.


What is REVEALED is more of the truth of her being.


And truth is always beautiful! 

"Mimi is more than a teacher...
she is a sensei -- a master.
I don't know any musician who could not benefit from studying with her."
~ Kary Sit, record producer,
L.A. and China
with students in a workshop in
berkeley, ca., 2016
What About Usby Mimi Seton, Ali Olmo, vocal
Lady Moonby Mimi Seton, Matthew Gonder vocal
Rare Birdsung by JENNIFER PAZ
Walking to Work - nonverbalby Mimi Seton
                  Samples of mimi's composition for singers (above)  
Mimi now works with techniques from non-sectarian spiritual practices to help singers connect to their true core energy physically, emotionally and vocally
with students in her workshop:  VOICE MADE VISIBLE in Los Angeles

Teaching Recommendations 


Watching Mimi’s students lay it on the line is far better than American Idol.  This is the Real Thing.

~Bill Ratner, ABC TV


Mimi has a keen perception for each performer's needs, and a vast range of techniques to address them.  Her coaching is gentle, supportive and very much in the creative spirit. 

~Henry Aronson, Broadway conductor and Music Director of Rock of Ages


Mimi is an amazing person who teaches from her heart and soul. She encourages creative risk-taking in an emotionally

supportive environment. She is a true healer with a huge knowledge of performance techniques, and an ability to inspire free expression.

~ David Rapaport, Kroeger Rapaport Casting


Watching Mimi Seton’s students perform blew me away! Far better than any school show I’ve seen before, this was simply a great night in the Theatre—fun, professional and stylish.

~  Fred Rubin, Writer-Producer of 15 Network series


Working with Mimi is a magical process that brings the singer closer to his soul and as a result, deeper into the music. 

~  Matthew Gonder, Singer at Maxim’s, Paris


Mimi uses her knowledge of music, voice production and Psychology to help you get to the heart and soul of what singing is all about. She is a voice coach extraodinaire!

~ M.B.Gordy~ percussionist w/ Anne Hampton Calloway, Rita Coolidge Group, The Doobie Brothers, etc.


Mimi Seton is an amazing coach. Her great kindness, superior intelligence and psychological savvy,  in addition to a wide knowledge of performance techniques and love of excellence, make her an exceptional mentor.

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas,  NY Times best-selling author: Conscious Uncoupling.

Photo montage by David Gittens


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