The Yoga of Intuition

This online course was created to help you master the ability to get intuitive information any time you wish, not simply in random moments, seemingly "by accident". 

Intuitive information includes: 


Healing ability, prophesy, mediumship, levitation, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  It also includes the ability to get into "the creative flow", to access deeper psychological insights into your own and other people's behaviors and warnings that let you know when you are in danger.

All of these benefits are what Mimi calls, "personal powers". 


Her program encourages you to clarify your values and ethics, too, so you do not mistake power over your own mind with power over others.   There is a HUGE difference.  One is based in spiritual goodness.  The other in the tricky ways of the ego. 


Mimi considers taking secret power over others a very serious abuse of your God-given talents -- and is not interested in teaching anyone who holds such intentions.  This is the CAVEAT to an otherwise open program suited to people from all walks of life:  it is NOT for people who are subject to mental instability.  Yes - you can be what Mimi calls "a garden-variety neurotic" --- most of us are.  "We all have our stuff."   But if you have any history of psychosis, drug addiction, or have been diagnosed with a personality disorder such as NPD, you should not do this program.  

The Yoga of Intuition  is designed exclusively for people who intend to deepen their capacity to love themselves, their families, friends, colleagues, and the world at large. Balance, wholeness and love are the three "non-negotiable values" that rule this program.


For beginning explorers the inner realms....People with little or no experience of meditation, hypnosis, performing artist training, sports training,  yoga, therapy, or other personal growth systems that help develop awareness of their unconscious mind.  You are just starting out on the adventure of turning within for answers.


For intermediate-level explorers who have already developed trust in the intuitive function of their minds, and are already turning inward for answers on a regular basis.


For advanced explorers, including professional psychics, psychologists, healers, and artists,

who simply want to have access to some of Mimi's tried and tested protocols in order to augment their own toolkits.