My recent first reading with Mimi Seton was spot-on from the very beginning. She was able to immediately identify the heart of my issues – with no prior knowledge of me or my past. She was further able to reveal solutions and help me open a path to the future. The session was to the point, non-judgmental, clear and common sense – but filled with humor and empathy. No spiritual proselytizing or hard sell of any sort. I have already recommended a reading with Mimi to friends. Feel free to contact me with questions (through Facebook).


Writer, Editor, Performing Artist

Mimi is a warm, kind, gifted psychic.  One of her first comments was a razor sharp insight that provided inspiration and indicated to me that she’s the “real deal.” She had no prior information to know how this was so on target.  She also provided guidance about self-care that was particular to me, as well as steps to strengthen my relationship to a higher being, which also was welcome, needed and comforting.  I didn’t want our hour to end.”


ANGIE SNYDER PsyD Psychologist and Relationship Coach

Washington, DC.  May 2020

Mimi is a skilled and talented therapist and psychic healer.  Her years as a Performance and Artists' coach have served to cultivate a deep empathy with other human beings.  and their perplexing dilemmas.  Her great kindness and superior intelligence make her a thoughtful and patient facilitator. It is unusual to find all these qualities in one person.
NY TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, Calling In The One  and Conscious Uncoupling
Co-facilitator of Television's: Women On The Edge of Evolution 
Mimi is not only a Renaissance woman but also a very evolved human being.  Time spent with her is always fun, full of laughter and inspiring, filled with inquiry and wonderment on the mysteries of love, life, and the universe.     Her reading for me was done with the utmost loving-kindness and generosity of spirit. Mimi is a vessel of healing energy and a transformative spirit-guide who will help you realize your highest potential!"



New York, New York



Mimi is a rare gem in the psychic arena.  Not only is she extremely intuitive but she is incredibly accurate.  Mimi assisted in guiding me to a state of clarity. The fog of uncertainty lifted and my path lit up like  a landing strip for a 747! 



Healer and author of THE FOUR R's  (to be published by Balboa Press 2017)

Washington, D.C. 


To say that Mimi is gifted is an understatement ~ she has the capacity to see and express the  wisdom and coherence that exists in our unique 'lines of destiny' and she is able to reveal what we've known to be true and right for us but lost sight of.   Her gift is more than just a clear mirror in which we see our full potential;  Mimi also intuits how to encourage and support our willingness to do what it  takes to shift our lives toward our own fulfillment and happiness. 
Shamanic healer  (www.shamanzone.com)
& author of DEEP BEAUTY -- A Shaman's Guide To Deep Beauty
San Francisco, CA
Thanks for talking with me yesterday, Mimi! For anyone reading this who is thinking of talking to Mimi, please know that she is amazingly insightful, highly knowledgeable, and deeply empathic. She brings a style that one can only learn with years of experienced and study in the Arts, as well as humanity. Highly recommended!
Director of Professional Development at Beckett Family Services  (psychologist)

My session with Mimi was extremely helpful to me: comprehensive, insightful and compassionate (without sugar coating). She was able to get specific answers to help me with the next steps that I can take with confidence. I feel so much more relaxed and at ease with the perspectives and clarity she offered. I whole-heartedly recommend a reading with Mimi Seton.



Songwriter & Life Coach

Los Angeles



Mimi had a deep understanding of me in an instant!  I felt her love for helping people  ~ and I now know much more about how to move forward in the direction I want to go in my career.  Great practical advice."



Interior Designer

Denver, Colorado



Last year Mimi gave me a Tarot reading and it turned out to be "spot on" (including predictions)

and so much fun. She is lovely and a very gifted intuitive... I highly recommend treating yourself and your loved ones to a session with the divine Mimi. 



Actress, TV & Film (Catch Me If You Can, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc.)

Los Angeles 



"Mimi reads from a very high place ~ the truth of the soul. . . and she supplies the missing pieces that release you from tension and uncertainty. I was able to move forward into my true self in her presence. Her gift comes from God, with a bit of humor, and a large portion of loving kindness."



Healer & Reflexologist

Santa Fe, NM



Mimi is absolutely amazing!  In the first few minutes of the reading she identified my core issue.  Her advice helped me to develop a personal strategy of transformation.  .  .  Real tools that I can use to identify and reach my short and long term goals. Thank you Mimi!"




Santa Fe, N.M., USA




My reading with Mimi was so insightful and confirmed so many things for me. It has helped me refocus my energies to manifest this new direction in my life with a deep sense of purpose.



Visual Artist

Hartsel, Colorado




Mimi is a truly gifted and insightful person.  Her perception goes way beyond what a regular person can see.  She seems to be able to dip to that level where all things are linked and Past and Future are one, and then she will  translate what she sees into deeply personal, uniquely customized interpretations which will leave you amazed, inspired, comforted.  She'll help you find the true self you thought you had lost, regain purpose, energy and confidence.   Mimi's reading changed my life!



London,  England





Mimi is so spiritually gifted; she is one of the old souls in our world and the reading she gave me was impressively accurate.  She also saw my grandmother and described her perfectly which was very moving. She's not just a psychic ~ she's a spiritual teacher and gives the best guidance possible.   Many people have done music healing or psychic readings before,  but Mimi is the first one I know of to bring musical performers to a whole new spiritual level which could benefit artists in all genres. 


Recording Artist

Los Angeles and Japan




When Mimi said I was going to be happily remarried within a year, I was skeptical.  I wasn't even dating anyone at the time of my reading. But then I went to a reunion in Washington state and reconnected with the girl (now all grown up) who I had a crush on as a boy!  We are now blissfully married ~ and living in Paris!  Thanks, Mimi!



Singer at Maxim's, Paris

Actor (for Luc Besson, Theatre Chatelet, etc.)








"Mimi and I were on the Cote D'Azur in the fall of 2007 when she quite suddenly said she had to return to New York because her Mum was going to die.   Her intuition told her this, even though the Doctors had said her Mum was fine. Her mother did, in fact, die a few days after Mimi arrived. Had she not followed her own powerful intuition, Mimi would have missed the opportunity to be at her mother's side during that important time."



Painter, Filmmaker and Creator of T H E  P O S S I B L E   S E L F
Dublin, Ireland 





I recommend a reading with Mimi for anyone who is eager to unlock the mysteries of the mind and seeks a better understanding of the often ignored, intangible elements of our being.  It's comforting to know that there are people out there like Mimi who have more than just a superficial understanding of the mind ...from whom you can learn to embrace a different view of yourself and your purpose within the labyrinthine  path that life perpetually unfurls before you.


Translator, Writer, Linguist

New York City

Mimi Seton is a mega-talent and her work as a psychic is no exception. I was amazed at her ability to synthesize all the information and produce a clear, deep analysis of the area in which i was seeking more clarity. I highly recommend Mimi to anyone interested in a  reading.  

Programs and Community Development Coordinator
New Britain (CT.) Youth Museum


I had an excellent experience with Mimi.  She has a natural gift for channeling and all the information she shared with me came to pass. I am convinced she can help just about anyone looking for solid advice and some intervention from the mystical.

​Mimi's reading was revelatory!  She was very patient, explaining the meaning and power of each of the cards that I drew.   I thank Mimi for making it possible for me to create a usable action plan going forward.













Mimi is the real deal! Heart centered, intuitive and spot on. Before I got to Mimi I was upset, stuck and confused about where my life was heading. Immediately I was at ease,I trusted her and opened completely. Thanks to her insight and incredible compassion I now feel more empowered and excited about the direction I am headed. Thank You MIMI! So grateful for you!



Healer & Teacher 

Los Angeles, CA.

I I have had two sessions with Mimi ~ a psychic reading and a meditative counseling session and both were amazing!   First, Mimi’s intuition is astounding and evident from the very beginning of the session. As was her expertise, knowledge, clarity, enthusiasm and empathy. I felt safe with Mimi. I felt that she truly cared, and listened deeply.  Her commitment, kindness, and her sense of humor make her delightful.  I highly recommend Mimi, and look forward to working with her again. She is a bright spot in Los Angeles!


~ G. C.

Decron Real Estate Corps.


I came to Mimi Seton with a sense of knowing that I will be doing a job I love soon - I can feel it in my bones.  But I was experiencing an old pattern of doubting myself.   Mimi's insightful, dead-on reading gave me just what I needed to know without-a-doubt that I am on the right path and the realization of my dreams is unfolding and manifesting as I type this. I can now move forward with focus and confidence. If you need some assurance about your path - don't  hesitate for a single moment - go see Mimi.




Los Angeles

Go see Mimi! She is a warm, authentic, and deeply intuitive person who can help you see into specific issues in your life. I felt very relaxed and at home in her presence. Mimi's keen understanding of my concerns was extraordinary. She gave me practical, effective tools for everyday life. I am grateful to her.

E.L. (anonymous)


Los Angeles & NYC