Yesterday, a psychic being interviewed on Internet radio said something that moved me, “It’s really painful for some children who are more enlightened souls to come into life on earth, because they’re not able to conform to the prevailing expectations of our society and are therefore considered ‘weird’, ‘unworthy’ and even, ‘unlovable’.”   

I’ve known children who are far more aware and alert than many adults.  WISER!  


What does the word (so popular now) "conscious" mean?  Conscious of WHAT?

Conscious that we are all aspects of  One Unified Field of Awareness

Conscious that all of life is CONSCIOUSNESS; we are awareness aware of awareness!

Conscious that thoughts are things~ that we co-create the world with our thoughts 

Conscious that everything is energy 

Conscious that humans can do and be FAR more than we are currently doing and being

Conscious that Compassionate Love is the true healer and ultimate solution for all ills

Conscious that the universe is profoundly Good

Conscious  that negative emotions can  make us ill

Conscious that we are responsible for our reactions to our experiences

Conscious that we are all equally valuable in the fabric of life, though we are not equally accomplished

Conscious that it is cooperation that allows the species to survive, not competition

Conscious that most animals give and receive Love with much more ease than many humans

Conscious that being 'better than' other people is an ego-based desire (and delusion)

Conscious that there are infinite possible perspectives on life, infinite possible circumstances, events, people and relationships

Conscious that humans have the power to annihilate most -- if not all -  life on the planet

Conscious that it is up to each one of us to turn spaceship Earth around and head in the directions that grant our survival and ability to thrive




Many people in the dominant culture are now developing their intuitive capacities  ~ the antidote to our 'Thinking / Doing society', as the Jungians refer to it.   Our dominant way of thinking and behaving does NOT create healthy lives for the majority of people on our planet, any more than the dominant social system of Capitalist Consumerism  serves the well-being of the majority.  As we face this,  we may become more open to learning the ways of the indigenous peoples -- their values -- and perhaps then emulating them.   


High on the list is the value of appreciating the delicate balance of Nature and to learning to work with, not against, it.  When we live in an urban center with no contact with the natural world, we often become out of balance and even ill.  This can be combatted, but only if enough people remain sane enough to see why so many are NOT sane at this stage!  And to help them retrieve balance.




There is the idea in dominant western culture that waking life is more real than our dream life.  

First Peoples do not think this limited way.   ALL levels of our experience are 'real'.  Seeing dreams as vitally important spiritual states that reveal deeper truths about who we are is a far more enlightened regard than saying, "Pay no attention.  That was just a dream."   


I have received some of my greatest wisdom, insight and prophesies from my dreams ~ not to mention personal, psychological information about my own psyche and what needs recalibrating.  


Children, in their innocence, take dreams  seriously, and I think they are right to do so, though they may need some help in processing the disturbing ones.  Wise parents never tell a child that dreams are silly or 'not real'.  Dreams  are one of the best ways we have of learning who we really are in the depths of our being.




We are changing  as a species  in fundamental ways RIGHT NOW, developing a new understanding of our sacred powers,  becoming more heart-based and more intuitive, 

because we MUST in order to survive.  The days of predatory acquisition and the hoarding  of resources must END.  Already there are millions of homeless, including climate refugees...the

old world is coming to an end.  We must accept that and look forward to creating a more sane society. 


We can simply not AFFORD to remain disconnected from the laws that underlie the universe -- the laws that make life work -- that make us healthy and happy.  We have to learn to rise up from our ego-centered, viciously competitive impulses and to question any society that is predicated on our most destructive qualities as humans.  


Many are still unaware of our Oneness (both spiritual and economic) and our inter-dependence, making businesses that profit only themselves and their immediate friends and families while toxifying the planet as if she is no more than their cash cow and garbage can.


We need to do create enterprises through which we can do Well by doing Good for All. 


The old ways of thinking (competing, dominating, etc.) have not lead us away from War, poverty, starvation, violence, addiction -- or any of the Seven Deadlies.


Untempered with empathy, "Reason"  has  not saved us from sick behaviors ~ from poisoning the soil, water and air,  to continual war, genocide, racism, violence, torture, poverty and so on.

My contention is that violent and destructive actions are perpetrated by the most 'unconscious' people on our planet.  The more awakened a person is spiritually (or the mature psychologically), the more she loves Peace and the better she is at resolving conflicts with gentleness and mercy rather than brutality.  We all slip up sometimes, of course -- but we can no longer afford to stay

cornered by our old excuses for 'bad behavior'.  There's a world counting on each one of us to 

do better!    



_________________________________________________________________________________________Feeling and Intuition naturally  lead to cooperative behaviors.   If I FEEL for you, I am far more likely to be harmless in my actions  toward you.    If I realy understand  that You and I are ONE, (spiritual reaisation  Number 1),  I am not going to deliberately harm you in any way, because I will suffer too. I CARE for you deeply because I recognize you as an emanation of the supreme Consciousness, or God. You are never below me ~ never "inferior" or "less than".    NO ONE is more important to Life's intricate dance  than anyone else.  Every single spark off the Sun is equal to every other in value. This includes other creatures  Humans currently need to transform our attitudes and behaviors toward other animals, plants, earth, the seas, etc. in order to honor this basic understanding of the divine whole.


Once again, in this regard, too  we have much to learn from the indigenous peoples who work in greater harmony (greater harmlessness) with Nature.  Only cynics will find that sentimental ~ and cynacism never took Humanity one step forward.    Cynacism is the protest of people who have been emotionally hurt and who have not yet taken full responsibility for their own healing. 



________________________________________________________________________________________Right now, humans are in the single most amazing transformational process since we crawled out of the ocean onto dry land.  A TRANSFORMATION of CONSCIOUSNESS ~ which includes the notion that the children who are born to us  are here to be our spiritual  teachers and to help us evolve ~ not born to be our slaves or our entertainment.  The old hierarchy is being stood on its head. 


At the same time the structures of the past (including organized religions) are obviously crumbling and millions are suffering so abominably that  it's easy to wonder if Humanity is E-volving or DE-volving?

I chose to believe we will survive  as a species, and that this particular leap in human evolution that we are in now is truly unprecedented.   Never before in recorded history has Humanity been on the brink of destruction like we are today.  Never has the world population been as huge or the imbalance of the planetary systems been as radical, threatening our water, air and food supply. Either we evolve ~ or life as we know it may well perish because the planet can no longer sustain us.  Each one of us has the innate capacity to help this evoution to  Heart-Centered Consciousness ~ when we finally  embody (as a species)  the vibration of Universal Love.  


We need to take responsibility for  CHOOSING  the projected realities we are experiencing on earth ~ projected from our God-Selves.   


Yes ~ I’m suggesting that the reality of the 3rd dimension (Life on Earth) is a massive 3-d hologram that we are collectively projecting from another DIMENSION of our awareness.  For what is Life really ~ but Consciousness?  An intimate matrix of frames  of awareness, each determined by a partiuclar foci of energy, of which YOU and I are each one.   I have recenty come to the perspective that every single one of us 'sentient beings' is creating an ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  Not just a world view ~ but a world!     This gives new meaning to the biblical phrase, "In my Father's house there are many mansions."






We can regard life as learning;  Earth as Consciousness  College.  


Among the courses in Consciousness College is a class called:  HOW TO LISTEN TO CHILDREN. It's a course that teaches us humility first.  We learn to see that children are often more 'awakened' than we are to the truth  ~ their divine nature, their creative nature, their imagination, their enthusiasm, their language abilities, their physical prowess and flexibility, etc.. We soon see that if we relinquish the need to control them and to be right all the time, to pull rank on them, , we all have a lot more fun, get along with them much better, and learn a great deal more from them.   yes ~ they need structure ~ but one built on love and TRUE respect. 



In a public  education system that emphasizes the regurgitation of facts with virtually no emotional intelligence or creativity exercises;  that teaches a "History"  where people of color, women and native peoples are under-represented, and that usually teach nothing about conflict resolution or developing emotional intelligence, about striving for personal best rather than jockeying for power over isnt easy for children to develop into soulful and cooperative participants in the community. 


Who will help them build courage and confidence, self-discipline and discernment, sensitivity to others and centeredness  in their true selves, so they can fulfill their potentials to serve and uplift humanity?


Above all, 'gifted children' suffer.   The hyper-sensitive ones with more imagination, more creative fire, more psychic ability, more emotional complexity....The very presence of a gifted child who is  able to perceive higher truths holds up a mirror to an adult’s compromises and inadequacies.


Like many reading this, as a child I knew myself to be far more than my body.  Life appeared as a mysterious, shimmering dance in which everything vibrated, everything had awareness and was ALIVE, animated by something 'behind' the visible world.

At 7 or 8, when I lay on our lawn and looked at the treetops and sky, I felt that what I was looking at was a projection of some kind…a living image. There was something behind the sky that was feeding the life into it. I had a subtle feeling that what I saw with my eyes, as thrilling as the sights might be, was actually only the play of molecules on a single  surface of a far bigger thing ~ like being able to see only one flap of paper on an origami bird and missing all the other folds so we don’t recognize the overall form; we don’t know it is a bird. When I lay on the lawn in front of our house and looked up, I knew that  what I saw with my eyes  just wasn’t the whole truth.  I didn’t know what ELSE was there  but I knew something was and I wanted to know more.  The sky 

DREW me into enquiry.   I sensed I would have to look with my INNER EYE to see what was

behind the sky.


                                            That’s when I started to close my eyes to see. 



More and more people are closing their eyes to see now.   This has nothing to do with Religion.

It has to do with discernment.   Between  the world of appearances and the Truth. 


More of us now understand that the outside world is an outpicturing or 'vibrational match' of what the collective is thinking. If there is WAR,  it is because there are enough people in Humanity as a whole  to think WAR into Reality.   They do this by BELIEVING in WAR ~ that it is 'unavoidable', that it it's 'lucrative', that it's a 'necessary evil', and so on.  To have peace, we need enough people in the collective who focus on Peace to create the coressponding physical outpicturing of that held thought.  


You may be saying, "What a dreamer!"


This is true.  I am a dreamer.


But so are YOU.   EVERYONE is dreaming ~ all the time!!!  When we begin to awaken we see that what the sages of the East have said for years is actually true:  This entire world is a 'dream'.   That is why it is so very important that you CHOOSE YOUR DREAMS well.  Don't be a sleep-walker! Be a conscious dreamer!   A lucid dreamer!  


We are each given Free well so that we can project whatever Reality we choose.   It's up to us to choose  PEACE or WAR -- TRUTH or LIES -- LOVE or HATRED.


There's an idea that God/Goddess makes Itself manifest as each of us in order to experience Life through us, as us, in our unique expression.   Every so-called 'ordinary thing' is, in this view, is therefore utterly magical. . . shimmering with the mystery of Being.  From moons to trees to animals to seas, from suns to stones to insects to stars....


This is how children see;  they see the life force shimmering in everything ~ as it is!  It's a profound, clear-eyed vision.  A  more truthful vision than what most adults entertain when they have LOST their enthusiasm and been convinced they are limited, life is hard, it's tough to 'get ahead', life is 'a battle,' etc .  We are conditioned by schools, churches, families and media onslaughts -- and most of that conditioning limits our infinite potential.


We are often conditioned not to open more ~ but to shut down.  Not to feel our feelings but to avoid them.   To conform.  Tow the line.  Define Reality like others do.  Make money.  Swallow the prevailing ideas about what life is and how a person is 'supposed' to live it. The jargon.  The KITSCH messages that would have us believe in 'my country right or wrong'.  That tell us: 'THOSE immigrants are ruining my country!'  Or, 'we have to build a wall to keep them out so we can be safe.'   Not everyone sees the irony of being manipulated to be afraid, and then told by the manipulator that he will protect you!


Children, on the other hand, generally see more accurately than most adults.  They are still able to look at what is ACTUALLY there ~ the true nature of things. 


We were all children once and for most of us, there was a moment at least when we perceived the world as fully alive,  every element connected to every other, shimmering with the magic of infiite potential .   Our vision was void of cynicism, void of hurt, void of prejudice.    


Sadly for most of us, that vision was conditioned out of us, along with our sense of being a unique individual, and our sense of the universe as a profoundly friendly, even a holy place.   Therefore we must learn it anew.  We must remember what we knew when we first came into this dimension of experience: that it is a place of infnite wonder, which is why I say:   "We were right the first time".   We were right when, as children, we saw  that the universe  is a holy place.  


To be 'special' does not mean to be 'better than' others ~  except in the old paradigm of Reality ~ which is doomed.   To be 'special' is to be unique ~ and this is the true nature of each element of creation, including each child.  Every single one is 'special' because he or she is unique.    Our job, as adults, is to observe, listen and encourage that unique child, who is an expression  of the great SELF,  simply  to be itself.   THAT is the 'best'  the child can be.    Anything else is forced or false.  A distortion.   A crippling.