SUMMER SALE on psychic readings on NOW!
(ends August 31, 2021)

 60 MINUTE psychic reading for the normal cost of 30 MINUTES 


          $115                  or:                 95 Euros



If you are living on under 20,000 USD per annum, Mimi will read for 30 minutes for you for 55 USD (below left) or 45 Euros (below right) 

Pay below then email Mimi with your choice of 2 dates/ times for your session on Skype. 


Please remember she is in Italy and currently works only after 15 h (3 o clock)

If you want to Zoom you will send her the zoom link to connect.  Otherwise her readings are on SKYPE.

DISCUSS:  family, relationships, work, career,  illness, creative life, healing emotional wounds, developing your values and moral code, contributing to social reform,

building community --  and other important subjects.  Mimi does NOT give investment advice! 

All clients are held in a SAFE and RESPECTFUL field of compassion and care.