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brief personal history:


Mimi grew up in New York.


She is descended from American, English and Irish writers,  editors and scholars on her father's side, English, Scotts and Swiss-French business people and artisans on her mother's side. 


As a student in a progressive grade school on an organic farm in the Adirondack Mountains, she learned her most treasured values  from  the visionary educator, WALTER CLARK, who was a philosophical partner of A.S. Neil, the founder of Summerhill School in England.




                                                                           respect for the natural world

                                                                           kindness to all

                                                                      comfort with silence

                                                                     service to community

                                                                      intellectual curiosity

                                                                         personal integrity 

































relevant education


Comparative Religion; The History of Morals ~ Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Counseling Psychology  ~  Pacifica Graduate Institute MA in Counseling program, Santa Barbara

Neuro Linguistic Programming ~  Barron University PhD in Integrated Healing program, L.A.

Science of Mind philosophy ~ Rev.  Michael Beckwith et.al, Agape International Spiritual Center, L.A.

Energy Healing ~  France Blanche,  Paris

Mediumship ~ The College of Psychic Studies, London



                                                                                                                         remarkable spiritual experiences include. 

In the late 60s, Mimi met Alan Watts,  who taught her about the Zen koan (riddle).

In the early 70s she met the famous radical theologian, Harvard professor Harvey Cox, who taught her about 'the egoless state'. 

In the '80s, she received 'hands-on shakti-pat' in a private home, from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.

This was the single most astonishing experience of her life and is the central story in her new book:  Feral Girls ~ Memoir of a Psychic.   

She received shakti-pat a second  from Sri Hanuman, the Nada Yoga master in Nice, France,  with whom she studied devotional Hindu chant for three years. Sri Hanuman named Mimi, Bhavani, after a Hindu female goddess - a consort to Lord Shive who is said to have tossed him his swords when he is battling, 'the demons of ignorance'.   Having received the name in his meditation, Mimi thought it was a particularly interesting

"coincidence" as she  was born on Sept.30th -- the day associated with the 

Queen of Swords in the TAROT.   The Queen of Swords is a woman who knows 

suffering well and who has developed incisive perception out of that difficult


















background as a psychic:



Mimi demonstrated precognition, prophetic dreaming and mediumship as a child and was taken out of her 5th grade classes to be interviewed by a group researching ESP.


At 17, she studied with Jose Silva of The Silva Method in Manhattan. Jose noticed her psychic abilities and recommended her to Harvard University, where she became part of a group being studied by scientists developing bio feedback machines (now used in pain management).  


While living in Paris in the early '90s, Mimi did a hypnosis therapy and was invited by her hypnotist to join a

group of psychologists exploring the unusual capacities of the human mind, in particular the intuition, with its penchant for psychic experiences.  It was in that group that she discovered she has some healing ability.


Mimi had been reading Tarot for over 20 years for friends when, in 2006, the famous American psychic,

Hans Christian King, picked her out of his audience at a lecture he was giving at The Bodhi Tree lecture hall in LA. 

He told her she was 'the oldest soul in the room and the most gifted.  You should 'do his job'.


Mimi  studied took all the practitioner courses at Agape Spiritual Center in L.A., studying the Science of Mind philosophy with various ministers, including Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith (of the film, The Secret) .  She followed this by 18 months in graduate school in Psychology, gave Mimi the confidence to work as a spiritual-intuivie counselor.

She is also licensed in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) -- the brainchild of cognitive therapy.

































clip from "prayer to bhavani" - mimi seton

an indian-influenced improvised prayer to Goddess Bhavani,

sung by mimi from her album:  The Bridge of Ethers 


The Bridge of Ethers - Krishna - mimi seton

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