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INTUITIVE COUNSELING (ongoing psychological therapy conducted in meditation); WRITERS'  MUSE ~ includes creative collaboration, editing and copy editing for novels, plays, memoirs, self-help books and audio programs.

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                                 psychic-intuitive counseling

   & meditation guidance

A natural intuitive since childhood, Mimi is also an accomplished artist and creativity coach who did grad work in Psychology and under-grad work in Comparative Religion and Theatre Arts.  

All sessions are held in a non-judgmental field of compassion and emotional safety, in which clients receive practical tips to take them toward greater health and happiness. 


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private psychic readings - 
mimi uses clairvoyance, 
clairsentience, and TAROT
to identify your most  important challenge at the moment 
and to give you practical tips on how to handle it to your best
this is accomplished in an atmosphere of deep compassion
mimi did grad work in both an MA and Ph.D. program in psychology and is licensed in NLP

The symbol above is VISSHUDDA - a Sanskrit word for the thraot chakra -- that powerful vortex of energy where Divine information alchemizes with information from the physical body. Sometimes called the COMMUNICATION CHAKRA, it's associated with the color LIGHT sky BLUE.

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clip from a traditional chant to Lord Shive

on Mimi's album, The Bridge of Ethers, 

created by mimi and mb gordy



Mimi's years as a stellar artist and artists' coach have served to foster a deep empathy with other human beings. That combined with her superior intelligence and keen intuition make her an exceptionally gifted coach. It is rare to find all of her qualities in one person.


~  KATHERINE WOODWARD THOMAS,  NY Times bestselling author of Calling In The One and Conscious Uncoupling.

To say that Mimi is gifted is an understatement. She has a unique ability to see and express the wisdom and coherence that lie within our unique 'lines of destiny'...and knows how to encourage and support our willingness to transform. . .


~ FRANCIS RICO,  Shaman, filmmaker  and author of Deep Beauty

Mimi gave me a reading about my career that was 'spot on' ~ including predictions ~ everything she said would happen DID happen. Added to which, she is such fun!  I highly recommend you treat your friends and family to a session with the Divine Mimi. 


~ NANCY LENEHAN, Actress, Everybody Loves Raymond, Catch Me If You Can, etc.

I had a remarkable session with Mimi Seton last weekend.   Not only did I leave ready to embark upon a completely new chapter of my life, but she has the ability to reconnect you with your own life force and zest for living.  


~ EDWIN GERARD, Head of Curriculum,  Lycee Francais, Los Angeles

"1. The desire to force love to live only in its most positive form is what causes love ultimately to fall over dead. 2. If you have ever been called defiant, incorrigible, forward, cunning, insurgent, unruly, or rebellious, you're on the right track. If you have never been called these things, there is yet time. 3. What must I allow to die today in order to generate more life tomorrow?" 

-- Clarissa Pinkola Estes from WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES 

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